Sunday, 8 February 2009

Having a free weekend the girls and I got together to have a crop. For the 1st time I taught a proper class with kits I had put together. I have done techniques with them but this is the first time we worked on a set item. With it being February we did a valentine mini book with reds and pinks. We had great fun. Took them about 5 hours to complete - Beth's didn't quite get finished but we had a lovely time working together.

As we were free this weekend all the girls came over for a scrap class at my home. Although I have showed them things to do before it was the 1st time I had run a 'class' and put them full kits together. We had a great time making valentine mini-books.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Christmas hats

Ok so its late to be putting this up but my friend was kind enough to take a picture of the hats that I make to raise funds for Give Kids The World in Orlando Florida. A very special place that provides accomodation for children with life threatening illnesses from all over the world who have been granted a wish to see Mickey Mouse. Its a lovely picture and and I could think of no better place to pop it.