Thursday, 26 January 2012

Monthly Make for 2012

Remember when I set my goals and I said I was joining in the monthly make for 2012 and hopefully 12 different things- along with all those other goals. Well I have managed to get this one of the ground. And as is typical for 2012 goals its a combined one :O)

These knitted cup sleeves are the first things ready to go into the Esty shop - well they will be when I work out how to :O)

For anyone that knows me I can't just sit and watch TV there is always something else going on and usually crafty. So the time taken to make things in my brain doesn't cost me - so when I sell things the money made will be on covering cost and to make a small profit on the materials to enable me to buy more to keep myself busy. Ohh and postage costs of course. So some of my prices are perhaps less than others who do craft for a living but thats just the way I am.

But until I work out my Esty shop thingy if you are interested in these - I can make to your chosen colours - please contact me. The price run from £2 ($3) to £3 ($5) for the larger ones.

Hope to hear from someone so that I can tick the box to say I have achieved another goal this year and sold something I have made :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

keeping on track

Just thought I would check in a let you know how my plans for 2012 are going. Ok its still early but

(1) I have remembered to take my photo a day. This is going to turn out harder than I thought or extremely boring - I mean I go to work and come home most days but I will do it

(2) I am making the weekly page - I only have a photo of page 1 so far.

(3) Magical. I have found a page that I was to scraplist to work on this word but not too much yet.
(4) I have done 2 of the 52 challenges. I utilised the sketch to make the page above so that was easy. The second was a lift this so I used it for this

Again I did 2 at once as this was also one of the monthly challenges to make a title or end page for your album. I am going to rattle through every thing if I double up :O)

(5) I have worked my way round UK scrappers and managed to find a localish crop which I will be attending next month and I think I have joined a scrap group just not sure.

As for the other things they are work in progress.

The next couple of weeks are busy with meetings in other part of the country but I have got some leave in among it too so that will be fun.

Until next time - hugs Wendy

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 things on the 10th in January

Happy New Year everyone. Its hard to believe that another year as gone. I always start January with great plans and they seem to go awry in a very short time but I am hoping that this year will be very different. (well thats the plan but isn't it always??)

So what have I planned you all ask:

1 I am trying to follow the photo a day for a whole year program and for now it seems to be working

2 for the photos above the idea is that I make a scrapbook using a weeks photos on one page so thereby documenting each day in the year of Wendy. Will I keep it up - I hope so. So far I am loving the page I made and full of ideas.

3 I have chose a word for the year - Magical - how will this fit in? I am hoping in both good times but especially in my down times that I can find something in my life that is magical that makes me realise that there are good things out there. Sometimes life can be a bit of a struggle but working together with Hubby and the support of our familes we get through.

4 I am a member of a wonderful disney scrapbooking group who set a number of challenges - for example 52 in 52, a monthly challenge and many others. I love doing these and they help me to focus on things and I get an enormous amount of scrapbooking done - something I really enjoy.

5 i am determined to work my phobia of technology and learn to understand some of the web groups. I have started by re opening my UK scrappers account and reading things. They have a whole set of scrap classes and challenges on there too.

6 As many of you know I do more than just scrapping - I knit and sew. This year I have plans for these too. I am hoping to finally use some of my skills to make some extra money and have opened an ETSY account. Although see above I got this far but still haven't explored the site and how it works.

7 To complete the Journal your christmas and learn something new everyday classes from

8 to blog more often. To share my life no matter how mundane.

9 Do I need more challenges - yes maybe something that will help me to keep some of the above so today I am about to join and pledge to make something each month (easy you would think) and then blog about it.

10 - and finally, despite all of the above, to spend some quality time doing things with my wonderful husband.

OK so despite the good intentions I cannot add the picture thingy!! using HMTL so I will try and just paste a picture

there now I feel slightly better - I can copy and paste!