Sunday, 20 December 2009


we have snow. The place looks lovely but its a total nightmare trying to drive. I was supposed to go with friends to a fairly local pub for a meal - after I had slid around a few corners and had real trouble going up a hill we decided that we should go even local - somewhere from where we could walk home if necessary. Had a great night. Alan had put on the lights to welcome us home and it was so nice I had to take a picture - will be using it in my JYC somewhere!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

JYC 8 and 12

Yes I finally caught up - or did I since its technically the 13th maybe not LOL

Page 12 documents that this year christmas is changing and we have new things happening. Boy and girl friends coming and a party for the hayton side. It will sure to be fun and maybe a new tradition!

On this page I used a cake frill to make the border. Great find for 19p

Page 8. I have trouble with memories of christmas past - I documented the loss of Harley-David etc last year and it helped. So this year I wrote of Beth's trip to the Kids Christmas Party at work and having a fun time. And how she is not a girly girl so party dress are out :O)

A photo will follow

Again with trying to do things differently you can see that this is not a oblong page :O) The white is cut from felt - another product used.

Friday, 11 December 2009

days 7, 9,10 and 11

I managed today to get done 4 of the missing 5 pages from my JYC!

This one - to do - documents rather than christmas things - wrapping etc what I had to to-do was attend the Rusty Pickle classes. And great fun was had by all. It was nice to spend time with my scrapping buddies too

This one is the one on traditions and while I had documented lots last year I still hadn't mentioned the School Nativity Play. As we have a wonderful daughter in law who manages to get us tickets each year we are able to keep up this traditon and attend our Granddaughters plays. Trying to keep with the different mediums the Angel is a wooden ornament that I picked up from Hobby craft on a recent visit.

Wrapping paper - this year of course a new design each. And extras too as both Doms and Sarah-Jaynes girl and boy friend will be joining us at some part during the festivities

This one will have to wait for its photo until i can get them printed. Todays prompt was the christmas tree and as I had documented our wonderful Disney tree last year so this i covered the US tradition we adopted. Each year we buy the children a new christmas ornamant. Sarah's goes on her own tree, Doms and Beth on ours until they are have their own when i will pass them onto them.

I love this and Alan and I have great fun trying to find the perfect one for them.

Yes I still have 8 to go back and do! but it will get caught up ...soon

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


OH Boy now I am two days behind on JYC. Most of yesterday was taken up with 2 Rusty Pickle scrapbook classes ran by Lance Anderson the owner of RP. This is the 2nd opportunity I have had to take classes and while they are expensive they are wonderful!! I loved both books and as usual learn't a few new techniques which will no doubt make their way into my books. Beacuse of course Rusty Pickle books are made to stroke not use!

TODAY Alan and I actually started wrapping pressie and one lucky child has all of their wrapped and ready to send to Santa. Course it means that we still have 100's to go but feel better that we started.

Tomorrow I have some time in the afternoon and hopefully I can get some pictures printed and some pages made. We will be taking Beth to the Christmas Party at work so most of the evening will be spent in the company of our wonderful Granddaughter

Monday, 7 December 2009

JYC and a flower wreath

Sundays JYC day. The prompt - memories good and bad. This year decided to write about Fenwicks window. A large department store in town who have a wonderful display each year. My parents used to take us as children to go look and then visit Santa and then Alan and I did it with ours.
I did take a picture this year but sadly it is very blurred and not useable so I had to make a window with paper. But keeping with the different mediums it is a shaker box.

Making a flower wreath

I was reading this ...........
and was lead to this .....

And what you see above is the result. Sadly I don't have a holly punch to add leaves but I love the flowers. I used up all the scraps of papers left from our adventures with the advent matchbox tree. So apart from a few buttons which were already in the stash it didn't cost anything to make - well just time!

PS I forgot to mention that I too bought the large fiscars oval punch from Home Bargains for 99p ! what a bargain as one scrap store I was in this week had the same punch on sale for £14.00.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

days 4 and 5 JYC

Day 4 - the prompt what is perfect. I chose to write about the most perfect christmas film - Miracle on 34th street. Yup I believe in Santa and YES I cry every time but boy do I love that film

DAY 5 - all about advent and counting down. Yup you guessed it - I love advent calenders and we have them all over the place. This year I documented my love and also the new one the girls I crop with made. Because I can't print photos a copy of the one that will go in the circle is below. The Pooh advent calender is made from material and padded. Keeping with the theme of trying to use different mediums within this years album.

Not sure what happened to the light but at least you can almost see it. We planned on making this from January and spent the year collecting the large household matchboxes and of course bought paper in the sale. It took a full day but it was worth it in the end

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Page 3 of Journal your christmas. The prompt was about cards. I only send shop bought cards, no hand made ones here, and then as we are very green at work and don't send them I only send a few generally to the states- each one that I do send includes a small handmade stocking - each year a different design. This is this years - the blue material that I used for the wedding favours from our vow renewal and a gingerbread man with disney buttons of course.

I am really trying to be more 'adventurous with my scrapping so am layering, using flowers, ribbons and patterned paper along with my ready made number tags - I am having great fun :O) I also wanted to make the album more ......... not sure what the word is but different sizes pages, and later different mediums. So the page is a hand made envelope which is only 7.5 inches long so shorter than the 12 inch of the other pages :O)

I do need to get rings so I can start stringing the pages together.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Here is page two :O) The prompt was weather and as I covered my love of snow last year and I searched and found this photo decided to document our love of december in Orlando. The journalling reads:

Oh the weather outside is... cold wet and miserable. Its a great time to recall our decembers in Orlando. What a combination shorts, t-shirts and christmas hats. We all love how disney decorate for christmas - themed trees, snow on main street. A favourite memory is driving from the airport with all the houses shining with light galore.

Journal Your Christmas

yes its that time of year again. I love this class much as I love christmas so I have declared that I will do it all again

So here is page 1. Not sure I can do a page a day but at will catch up on weekends