Sunday, 28 March 2010

as usual way way behind on posting. here are 3 of my latest pages. I have been too 2 crops and been very unproductive and small world and the flower page are the sum total of 12 hours LOL but lots of chatting was done

Friday, 19 March 2010

the class is so much fun

and it really is inspiring me to add extra stuff to my pages and to think about what I am doing. Look through what I have already (and as Alan would say there is rather a lot!)

Today not a new prompt as such but inspiration. Try to include all the things we have been asked to use on one page. I think lots of people are already doing that but the difference is if you post these pages there is a prize for one lucky person! So I couldn't help myself I had to make a new page.

Celebrate - our disney christmas tree

I used up left over paper and photos from my journal your christmas, there's ribbon, metal and cardstock too. Fingers crossed I win and get to do a whole 'nother shimelle class for free

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

As usual I start of meaning to do lots and my blogs just drop off. Well I am here again mainly because I am doing another of Shimelle classes ( This one is all about using up your stash. Items that just look at you all the time and you rarely use or they aren't in fashion. At the same time we are making a book - Celebrate Life. I am following along (sadly to the detriment of some of the other classes I am doing but I am sure I will catch up some time!

PS excuse quality of the pictures I really should take them in the daylight!

This is the cover - and was based on using metal. So I dug out those metal edged tags - removed the middle and replaces with bazzill. I used brads in the border paper and then found a metal alphabet that I picked up in Joannes for a dollar. Even going so far as turning a 'a' upside down to make the last e!

This is page 2. Using up scraps of patterned paper. Being as I am not really a patterned paper type of scrapper what I did was go through my stash and find papers that went together that I could use throughout the project. Did well I found a couple of sets that I had picked up from the poundshop with the idea that if I only used one page from them I was still going to be ahead of the game. What a find!

And who could resist this picture when the border on it reads - i'm celebrating.

This page was to use up plain cardstock. Mmm not sure I managed, see the pattern on there LOL. But I am trying to carry through the classes so while there is no metal on there I did manage to add ribbon

This page celebrates good food. A challenge was also set to use photos from different times. You can't get much different - winter in our kitchen in the UK and autumn in the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Florida USA

The challenge here to use ribbon and to pleat ribbon. So thats what I did - making the pleats with my new mini sewing machine the kiddo's bought me for christmas. This page celebrates the special relationship between Alan and Beth.