Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

Today is UK Mothering Sunday and Doms brought me a wonderful card from him and Sarah-Jayne (AKA Sassy) and he had made his Dad and I breakfast in bed. You know it was a wonderful gesture and I did appreciate it - BUT I looked at the time 9.00am and thought maybe I could have laid in. I then realised there was method in his madness - he had to be at football for 9.30 and Mum had to give him a lift. Kids you have to love them.

Later in the day I was talking to my Friend Carol in the States and we were discussing the Vow Renewal and I promised to dig out some wedding photos. As this was pre-digital all I have are snaps so I took a picture of the snap and sent it along.

Its not very good quality but I am sure you can get the jist. No photo of Doms as he was just a twinkle in his Daddy's eye as they say but you can see Sassy and their big brother Harley-David.

Alan and I were clearing out our wardrobe this week and you know I have the full outfit - dress, hat, flowers, shoes and all still in there. Not that I could get anywhere near getting in the dress but hat, shoes and rose - maybe I can find my something old quite easily. Surprisingly couldn't find the something blue - now where did that garter go ......

Ohh and PS I have Sarah's dress, umberella and Harley-David's bowtie and cumberbund too! Nope not a horder as Sassy would say - just sentimental

Monday, 16 March 2009

on the move Gently!

After a trip to the physio who was really pleased with the progress made with my back over the weekend he suggested that it maybe help me to feel better if I went out and got some fresh air. After nearly 2 weeks more or less confined to the house (and the sofa for the bulk of that) Alan and I didn't need telling twice. When ever I need to blow away cobwebs we head to the beach - sea air is so good for you :o)
We only stayed 30 mins (didn't want to do any damage or over do it) and then came home. It was so wonderful to be out in the fresh air even if it was cold. Course when I got back I had to lie down but it was worth it.
While I was taking photos of Alan on Sunderland Beach my friend Jud in the States was taking photos from his back door of NASA shuttles taking off - check out the fab photos at :

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I boy I hate being still and not being able to do things!! My back is still not right and when I try to do anything even for the shortest time it results in me heading back to the sofa and taking another nap!! I want to be doing things I am not a person for sitting, or lying without at least 3 things on the go at once.

It was my Mum's birthday yesterday so my brother, his family and I headed over to spend some time with her and give her her pressie from all of us. I was sitting on her chair just chatting but after a couple of hours I had to come home.

I really don't want to be off work again the new procedure on sick leave gives very little margin before they take action and even with the extra time I have because of my disability I would be dangerously close if I have to take another week but if its not right its not right!

So this is a very moaning blog hopefully this will get it out of the system and I will feel better tomorrow and things will look brighter

Friday, 6 March 2009

best laid plans of 'Mouse' and Men

or alternatively - OUCH!!!

For some reason my back has decided to play up (WHY NOW!!) and I am on a constant drip of painkillers. Today I saw both the physio, who promised me I would curse him over the weekend and the doctor who topped up the painkiller drip and signed me off for the week.

Being home is good cos basically all I can do for 95% of the day is lie flat on the sofa and bed. I am so fustrated I have read a dozen books in 3 day! and I am bored! I try to check email at least once heck otherwise I would go completetly stir crazy otherwise but sitting is not a good option. Sassy even lent me her mobile phone so I could sign in lying flat on the sofa

Seriously the pain is awful and I can't get comfortable. Fingers crossed that by the time I have cursed David my physio all weekend and I see him Monday that things have improved!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Vow renewal Logo.............

Not sure if I mentioned this before but anyways Alan and I are trying desperately to organise a Vow Renewal in September on our 20th Wedding Anniversary in Orlando Florida. The Economy this year is definately trying to put a kiboosh on it. As firstly it means no bonus from work (in the region of £1,800) and also the dollar has sunk from $2 to the £1 (when we first thought it might be a good idea!) to $1.35 to the £1. As you can see a HUGE difference. So our plans to rent a room at Animal Kingdom Lodge went down the pan and we are trying to organise to hold it at Give Kids The World Village but being so far away it is difficult not like you can take a planning trip.
But in the meanwhile I am still trying to work on what to wear and to decide on a theme and favours for our guests. After tossing about all sorts of different things finally came up with the one here. Its easy to work with and reflects love marriage and disney!
The first picture is on the cover of my planning scrapbook/ideas book.
Now for the Guest favours. I had planned on all things wild animals even so far as getting my friend Carol in FL to pop to her local Joannes and buying up lots of papers in the animal theme while they were only 6 sheets for a $ but the change of venue means that they are to be stored for a later project. Working on the "do it beautifully but cheaply" theory I remembered that my DSIL had given me a roll of "Cinderella" blue fabric. So after finally getting the logo I started working on the gifts - so for a sneak teaser see below. No I am not saying what it will be just that I have finally started stitching. One down, and with only 6 months till I have to be done, loads to go :O)