Tuesday, 5 June 2012

As a member of UK scrappers there are many challenges you can take part in.  When a member of my team challenged us to make a mini book it was ideal for a gift for Annette when we meet in London in June.  Her first trip to our capital and the Jubilee all rolled into one! Course as hers came together I loved it so I decided that I just had to have one for me.  I used the 2 books to show alternate pages.  Also there are lots of flaps that come out but I haven't lifted them but believe me they do :) I must admit that I cursed the young lady who designed the proto type - hand stitching! I went through 4 skeins of thread making these- carried away maybe but it was great fun and I am thrilled with them and can't wait to print the pictures and fill it with the joy of our trip.