Sunday, 21 April 2013

try again? and a trip to the Usa

Much as I try to make blogging a regular thing I dont seem to manage it but are some urging by Jen from Wear crafts I am set off again.

Last year I seem to have cut off at the point I was off to London to meet with Annette.  Welll I put all the blame in her cos she asked me to come visit her and then there was the bonus money from work.. well once an idea gets into head I get carried away so an off the cuff remark resulted in me headed to the USA alone.  But it gets better.  While I was doing the travel agent bit and exploring Alternative flights prices and airports it seemed possible to stop of in Boston sooooo who do I know in Boston.  Yup our friend Stef and her daughter Rachel.  So I sent a tentative email.. would u like a rather broke Uk visitor for a week.  Within 1 minute of receiving it I got 3  emails from her basically very excited yes.3

Plans were made and flights booked. And on a rather chilly day in Novemeber I headed off. Flights to Amsterdam then Boston and a visit whic included not only seeing Boston meeting family and friends, outlet shopping But Stef also organised 2 days in NEw York omg.  Exciting.  After a thrilling week back to the airport and a flight to Madison WI and 10 days with Annette and her husband Tim.  I was thrilled to be able to spend Thanksgiving withthem, and to go to the tree farm and find the perfect tree and decorate it fror Christmas.   Annette and I did lots of crafty shopping.   We organised her scrap room and cleaned out other areas.  After 9 years of knowing this lady whom I call my twin across the pond it was so nice to go to her home.

We have been lucky enough to be able to meet if not every year at least every other but sadly her job came to an end and we wont be able to do it again.  So for now it was great to spend the large chunk of time together.  We are hoping that we can organise a little visit in 2014 in Orlando florida or if not roll on 2015 when I am going to try to save enough to do it all over again.  So that was the excitment of 2012 and now I am working my way through scrapping a rather large album to document this trip.

 We have plans for this year but I will leave that for another day

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scrappyjen said...

Nice to see you blogging again! Pop some photos of those great layouts up too! Jenx