Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 things on the 10th in January

Happy New Year everyone. Its hard to believe that another year as gone. I always start January with great plans and they seem to go awry in a very short time but I am hoping that this year will be very different. (well thats the plan but isn't it always??)

So what have I planned you all ask:

1 I am trying to follow the photo a day for a whole year program and for now it seems to be working

2 for the photos above the idea is that I make a scrapbook using a weeks photos on one page so thereby documenting each day in the year of Wendy. Will I keep it up - I hope so. So far I am loving the page I made and full of ideas.

3 I have chose a word for the year - Magical - how will this fit in? I am hoping in both good times but especially in my down times that I can find something in my life that is magical that makes me realise that there are good things out there. Sometimes life can be a bit of a struggle but working together with Hubby and the support of our familes we get through.

4 I am a member of a wonderful disney scrapbooking group who set a number of challenges - for example 52 in 52, a monthly challenge and many others. I love doing these and they help me to focus on things and I get an enormous amount of scrapbooking done - something I really enjoy.

5 i am determined to work my phobia of technology and learn to understand some of the web groups. I have started by re opening my UK scrappers account and reading things. They have a whole set of scrap classes and challenges on there too.

6 As many of you know I do more than just scrapping - I knit and sew. This year I have plans for these too. I am hoping to finally use some of my skills to make some extra money and have opened an ETSY account. Although see above I got this far but still haven't explored the site and how it works.

7 To complete the Journal your christmas and learn something new everyday classes from Shimelle.com

8 to blog more often. To share my life no matter how mundane.

9 Do I need more challenges - yes maybe something that will help me to keep some of the above so today I am about to join http://thefeltfairyuk.blogspot.com/2011/12/make-month-2012-sign-up-here.html and pledge to make something each month (easy you would think) and then blog about it.

10 - and finally, despite all of the above, to spend some quality time doing things with my wonderful husband.

OK so despite the good intentions I cannot add the picture thingy!! using HMTL so I will try and just paste a picture