Sunday, 15 January 2012

keeping on track

Just thought I would check in a let you know how my plans for 2012 are going. Ok its still early but

(1) I have remembered to take my photo a day. This is going to turn out harder than I thought or extremely boring - I mean I go to work and come home most days but I will do it

(2) I am making the weekly page - I only have a photo of page 1 so far.

(3) Magical. I have found a page that I was to scraplist to work on this word but not too much yet.
(4) I have done 2 of the 52 challenges. I utilised the sketch to make the page above so that was easy. The second was a lift this so I used it for this

Again I did 2 at once as this was also one of the monthly challenges to make a title or end page for your album. I am going to rattle through every thing if I double up :O)

(5) I have worked my way round UK scrappers and managed to find a localish crop which I will be attending next month and I think I have joined a scrap group just not sure.

As for the other things they are work in progress.

The next couple of weeks are busy with meetings in other part of the country but I have got some leave in among it too so that will be fun.

Until next time - hugs Wendy

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