Friday, 30 January 2009

found vide facebook

Yesterday I had a message in my in-box a friend request from a Paul Hes. Since I have been getting a number of these as I make friends with the guys and gals from Themouseforless yahoo group some I have never really met I didn't give it much thought. So I went over to facebook to tick a box and boy the photo was a blast from the past! I had been 'found' by the god-father to my two eldest kids who moved to Australia many moons ago and we hadn't spoken to each other in just as long.

It has been fun catching up and seeing that neither he nor his wife Moya have changed very much at all - must be all that lovely sun.

So despite the fustrations of facebook and dial up it is definately worth perservering when things like that happen to brighten your day.

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CarolV32904 said...

How exciting!! It's great that you guys connected again. Technology is amazing.... even if it's dial-up and SLOW! LOL! ~~ Carol