Thursday, 22 January 2009

Harley-David McAndrew 4.7.1983-21.1.2004

Yesterday was all about remembering our eldest son who died on that date. It really was hard to believe that it 5 years now. The pain is as strong now as it was on that day. Losing a child is sooo hard and seems to be getting harder each year and not easier.
His daughter Beth is at the age now where she is realising she doesn't have her Daddy and before Christmas it was difficult for her and we had tears on a couple of occasions. He wrote before he died that he loved her but felt he couldn't be the Daddy she needed. I, on the otherhand, know he could have. He was so wonderful with his siblings when they were young and Beth could only have benefited from that. I can only be thankful that he chose such a brilliant Mum for Beth who is happy to share her with us.

Harley-David we all love you.


CarolV32904 said...

{{{{{{{{{{{{WENDY}}}}}}}}}}}} You're in my prayers!


BJB said...

Wendy - we lost my brother when he was 22, waay back in 1973 - the hurt is also still fresh.
Hugs, and I'll share my Kleenex with you.

IhabBish said...

Dear Wendy,

My name is Carlos, I lived with harley in the same student accommodation back in Newcastle (northumbria universtiry), I remember you telling him knock my doors and say hi....

Wendy, I still can't believe what happened, I'm sorry dear i'm really sorry and my sympathies, he used to be very close to me and more than a brother even if i knew him only for one year.

One thing, he was proud of beth, i do remember his girlfirnd was pregnant that time and who showed the ultrasound pics and he was just so so happy.

I've been trying to reach him for year, I didn't know anyone from his side... ohhh my god ... i just can't believe what happened.

Please email me to and please tell me about him, i want to know him better, and i would love to see his daughter photos.

Wendy, you have my email and i'm ready for anything, i will do anything for the baby and family, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My my deepest sympathies...