Friday, 23 January 2009

White Tigers Swimming

On the last friday of our trip we took the free bus to the Rancho Texas Park. The park is building up slowly but John, Anne and Sarah all agreed that it was worth a visit so off we set. It is quite organised in that the shows run one after the other and it is quite easy to move from one to the other. There is also a break time built in so that you can check out the other animals.

The first show was Birds of Prey. The set up on this was great and the birds flew from both sides directly across the audiences head.

After that we went to see a lasso show ok so it was corny but enjoyable. Then we worked our way around the park to Alan's favourite part - the tigers not only that WHITE TIGERS. We managed to catch them a couple times and the second time one of them was swimming. Alan was enthralled - well we all were and I got some video footage and some great pictures.

We also saw a parrot show and a sealion show.

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CarolV32904 said...

OMG this tiger is beautiful!!! And swimming! My mom is a tiger-lover, too! I'll have to show her. She'll be so jealous!