Saturday, 10 September 2011

Since I am back into blogging thought it might just be good to make a post that is not just page orientated - although it is scrapping.

Early on this year made the decision that we would finally take down the desk that held the computer in the conservatory and make it over into a craft room so that we could tidy up the dining part of our L shaped living room. Boy it took some time to de-clutter both the desk (so we could take it apart) and then to work through all the scrapping items I had, keep what I knew I would use and pass the items I decided I didn't want onto other scrapping buddies. I also needed to free up some space on the bookshelves we had in there so was ruthless. That process is still not quite done but one day I will be brave enough to finish it.

So now we have the space cleared up but with the soon to be closed Scrapbook Shop and the loss of our cropping meets once a month I wanted to make the space user friendly for 5 people - 1 more than fit round the dining room table. I desperately needed tables and chairs (I couldn't be moving the table and chairs from the dining room) defeats the object and more storage shelves if possible. There was one problem and not just a little one - there is no money in the budget for renovations. First I raided my garage and came up with bookshelves and the 6 foot *2 foot wide unit that had previously been in our living room which were great for storage. The sort of match what is in there. I also located our old kitchen and an even older dining table of mums - but they were narrow and a pain to set up each time we met. PS are you getting the picture here that I hate to throw things - our garage hasn't fit our car in for about 5 years!!

The need for a table led to my very first exploration of which resulted in me being GIVEN 4 lovely pine chairs and a circular table. The table was not big enough so it was relegated to the garage but the chairs are great and 4 of us managed round the 2 tables. So back to freecycle and a few goes later YUP it came up trumps = a table that will be the right size! It was battered and bruised and would have been no good as your 'best table' but idea for a scrap table. It came with 5 chairs which again were worn and damaged but I didn't need those so we took them straight to the dump. At this point I really should shout a HUGE thanks to my brother Nathan. Yes you get given the furniture BUT it is up to you to collect it. Nat stepped into the breach and helped out - yeah for kid brothers. Anyways while the table fits - to be able to move we need it a little shorter - so Alan and Doms attack it with the saw - we tidy it a little with the electric plane and we are good to go. Not having a oval end now it fits up against the wall better too.

So the point of the tale was that today was the 1st time that the 5 of us got together - and WE FIT! yup we all got in and there was room at the table. Course it did mean that I had to be really really good - I am such a spreader - about the space I take up - but the room is workable and we basically had a wonderful day.

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