Monday, 12 September 2011


for a long time now I haven't worked on a monday - and you know what I love the special me time. Just having a quiet house and lots of me time is lovely. Sometimes I think we all need that time. Course Alan would wish that I did more housework or cook the tea (and yes I do sometimes) but often I get engrossed in other things - scrapping, sewing or just playing on the computer and today is going to be one of those days!!!

Yesterday we had a lovely day (after a stint of the dreaded house work) we had Alan's brother, John, and his wife Ann over along with our niece Sarah and her hubby JP and their son Zack and of course Doms is still home As Zack is 2 and totally into trains it was a great excuse to get out Beth's train set and cover the floor and all the gents had a great time playing. Wthen had a lovely meal cooked my adorable hubby and spent the evening chatting and catching up.

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