Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

Today is UK Mothering Sunday and Doms brought me a wonderful card from him and Sarah-Jayne (AKA Sassy) and he had made his Dad and I breakfast in bed. You know it was a wonderful gesture and I did appreciate it - BUT I looked at the time 9.00am and thought maybe I could have laid in. I then realised there was method in his madness - he had to be at football for 9.30 and Mum had to give him a lift. Kids you have to love them.

Later in the day I was talking to my Friend Carol in the States and we were discussing the Vow Renewal and I promised to dig out some wedding photos. As this was pre-digital all I have are snaps so I took a picture of the snap and sent it along.

Its not very good quality but I am sure you can get the jist. No photo of Doms as he was just a twinkle in his Daddy's eye as they say but you can see Sassy and their big brother Harley-David.

Alan and I were clearing out our wardrobe this week and you know I have the full outfit - dress, hat, flowers, shoes and all still in there. Not that I could get anywhere near getting in the dress but hat, shoes and rose - maybe I can find my something old quite easily. Surprisingly couldn't find the something blue - now where did that garter go ......

Ohh and PS I have Sarah's dress, umberella and Harley-David's bowtie and cumberbund too! Nope not a horder as Sassy would say - just sentimental

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