Monday, 16 March 2009

on the move Gently!

After a trip to the physio who was really pleased with the progress made with my back over the weekend he suggested that it maybe help me to feel better if I went out and got some fresh air. After nearly 2 weeks more or less confined to the house (and the sofa for the bulk of that) Alan and I didn't need telling twice. When ever I need to blow away cobwebs we head to the beach - sea air is so good for you :o)
We only stayed 30 mins (didn't want to do any damage or over do it) and then came home. It was so wonderful to be out in the fresh air even if it was cold. Course when I got back I had to lie down but it was worth it.
While I was taking photos of Alan on Sunderland Beach my friend Jud in the States was taking photos from his back door of NASA shuttles taking off - check out the fab photos at :

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Jen said...

Glad to hear that you are improving.I am heading to UK in a few weeks. May 9th. HOpe it warms up by then. I will be going to Gateshead and then to Northampton.