Friday, 6 March 2009

best laid plans of 'Mouse' and Men

or alternatively - OUCH!!!

For some reason my back has decided to play up (WHY NOW!!) and I am on a constant drip of painkillers. Today I saw both the physio, who promised me I would curse him over the weekend and the doctor who topped up the painkiller drip and signed me off for the week.

Being home is good cos basically all I can do for 95% of the day is lie flat on the sofa and bed. I am so fustrated I have read a dozen books in 3 day! and I am bored! I try to check email at least once heck otherwise I would go completetly stir crazy otherwise but sitting is not a good option. Sassy even lent me her mobile phone so I could sign in lying flat on the sofa

Seriously the pain is awful and I can't get comfortable. Fingers crossed that by the time I have cursed David my physio all weekend and I see him Monday that things have improved!

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Jen said...

Hi WEndy
So sorry to hear that you are in pain. Backs are such a source of problems to us. Missing you over at AngelMail. Pop in when you can.