Friday, 11 December 2009

days 7, 9,10 and 11

I managed today to get done 4 of the missing 5 pages from my JYC!

This one - to do - documents rather than christmas things - wrapping etc what I had to to-do was attend the Rusty Pickle classes. And great fun was had by all. It was nice to spend time with my scrapping buddies too

This one is the one on traditions and while I had documented lots last year I still hadn't mentioned the School Nativity Play. As we have a wonderful daughter in law who manages to get us tickets each year we are able to keep up this traditon and attend our Granddaughters plays. Trying to keep with the different mediums the Angel is a wooden ornament that I picked up from Hobby craft on a recent visit.

Wrapping paper - this year of course a new design each. And extras too as both Doms and Sarah-Jaynes girl and boy friend will be joining us at some part during the festivities

This one will have to wait for its photo until i can get them printed. Todays prompt was the christmas tree and as I had documented our wonderful Disney tree last year so this i covered the US tradition we adopted. Each year we buy the children a new christmas ornamant. Sarah's goes on her own tree, Doms and Beth on ours until they are have their own when i will pass them onto them.

I love this and Alan and I have great fun trying to find the perfect one for them.

Yes I still have 8 to go back and do! but it will get caught up ...soon

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