Monday, 7 December 2009

JYC and a flower wreath

Sundays JYC day. The prompt - memories good and bad. This year decided to write about Fenwicks window. A large department store in town who have a wonderful display each year. My parents used to take us as children to go look and then visit Santa and then Alan and I did it with ours.
I did take a picture this year but sadly it is very blurred and not useable so I had to make a window with paper. But keeping with the different mediums it is a shaker box.

Making a flower wreath

I was reading this ...........
and was lead to this .....

And what you see above is the result. Sadly I don't have a holly punch to add leaves but I love the flowers. I used up all the scraps of papers left from our adventures with the advent matchbox tree. So apart from a few buttons which were already in the stash it didn't cost anything to make - well just time!

PS I forgot to mention that I too bought the large fiscars oval punch from Home Bargains for 99p ! what a bargain as one scrap store I was in this week had the same punch on sale for £14.00.


Effie said...

Fab wreath... say hello next time!

Jenny said...

Your wreath looks gorgeous and what a bargain with the punch too.