Saturday, 5 December 2009

days 4 and 5 JYC

Day 4 - the prompt what is perfect. I chose to write about the most perfect christmas film - Miracle on 34th street. Yup I believe in Santa and YES I cry every time but boy do I love that film

DAY 5 - all about advent and counting down. Yup you guessed it - I love advent calenders and we have them all over the place. This year I documented my love and also the new one the girls I crop with made. Because I can't print photos a copy of the one that will go in the circle is below. The Pooh advent calender is made from material and padded. Keeping with the theme of trying to use different mediums within this years album.

Not sure what happened to the light but at least you can almost see it. We planned on making this from January and spent the year collecting the large household matchboxes and of course bought paper in the sale. It took a full day but it was worth it in the end

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CarolV32904 said...

Great job on all 3!! You're doing GREAT!! Keep up the good work!! I'm doing...... NOTHING! :O( You need to move here so that you can motivate me!