Sunday, 13 December 2009

JYC 8 and 12

Yes I finally caught up - or did I since its technically the 13th maybe not LOL

Page 12 documents that this year christmas is changing and we have new things happening. Boy and girl friends coming and a party for the hayton side. It will sure to be fun and maybe a new tradition!

On this page I used a cake frill to make the border. Great find for 19p

Page 8. I have trouble with memories of christmas past - I documented the loss of Harley-David etc last year and it helped. So this year I wrote of Beth's trip to the Kids Christmas Party at work and having a fun time. And how she is not a girly girl so party dress are out :O)

A photo will follow

Again with trying to do things differently you can see that this is not a oblong page :O) The white is cut from felt - another product used.

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Anonymous said...

Love the last one. A cutie!