Monday, 29 December 2008

All (well nearly all) the cousins

back row Kirsty (18), Andrew (19), Lisa (18), Kyle (19), Robert (K BF)

Doms (17), Beth (5), Sarah-Jayne (22), Kayne (1), Robert (18), Ethan (16)

Todays prompt on JYC was - Once a Year - what thing is a once a year treat at Christmas - well I have a slight slant on that - while I haven't done the page yet I will be doing it around that fact that once a year at Christmas time all of my neices and nephews come together at my Mums Christmas party. Cos I am their Aunt and they do as they are told for me! I am able to persuade kids who would not normally have a photo taken to sit there and do it even though there parents told me I had no chance - HUH!!

So for my page I will be using an old photo and the one taken today. Course there is one missing the eldest Harley-David (25) but I am sure he was there with us in our thoughts and his Daughter Beth proudly took his place. The youngest nephew Beau at only 4 weeks old was taking a nap and his Mum didn't want to disturb him so I didn't 'make' him do as he was told LOL. I also managed to grab Robert who is my best friend's son and has joined us at this party from the age of 3 so is classed as an honourary nephew by all. My nephew Andrew also brought his new fiance Lisa and a new edition was Kirsty's boyfriend also called Robert.

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Latharia said...

How wonderful everyone could get together! Great pic!