Friday, 5 December 2008

Day 4 - Perfection

You maybe thinking that its the 5th and hey she's only posting Day 4 - well the reason being the theme of Day 4.
Shimelle asked us to think about "What makes your christmas Perfect - how do you get perfection". Boy did this topic cause me to think a lot and has been quite emotional struggle. But I will let the page explain.

The title perfection -

the boxes read
: Tree and decorations (tick)
: Wrapping paper and presents (tick)
: good food & beautiful table (tick)
: family (cross)

And behind the green inset is a tag with hidden journalling

"Its easy to put together the lists in the hope of acheiving a perfect christmas. To tick them off one by one. While in Christmas past we may well have nearly got there. Now we cannot tick the family box. Harley-David's death left us with perhaps an ideal Christmas but not Perfection.............."

This has been the first year that I have had a undisturbed December since Harley-David died. A month when I have had to go to work and to do ordinary everyday things. The last 4 have included 2 trips to Walt Disney World in Orlando and two when I have had an operation and spent the month recuperating. This year there are no distractions and I am doing my best to get through the month and the festivities that lead up to it. I knew that doing this journal (where you reflect on Christmas Past) would help me on this journey and its proving the case. Hopefully we can get all the way to the end.


Colleen said...

Wendy, you are doing great with your journal. I am keeping up with the journaling, just hoping for some spare time to get my pages going.

CarolV32904 said...

Another awesome page! You managed to stick with the theme of PERFECTION, but expressed your true feelings, too! Great job!!



Bren said...

You keep going Wendy. The album pages and the journalling are terrific and they WILL help you. Each year you can re read these and see how the years change.