Tuesday, 9 December 2008

sadly have to report ..................

Despite Bren thinking I was up early yesterday its more a problem with the internal clock on this site than my timing. And today time just ran out its 23.41 and I don't have time to take a picture but the page is put together. Needs a photo of course and a bit of journalling but the basics are there.

Also sadly I have failed in my declaration -being tidy has gone out of the window. I haven't time to put away tonight. But my excuse I didn't start till late as we wrapped all of Doms pressies tonight and if you realise that there are 20 stocking stuffers for his stocking and that's before we start his sack you will be able to gauge what a huge job that is.

I am hoping that I don't fail on the page tomorrow as we take Beth to the office Children's party tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they may have changed the entertainer - its still the same one from when Harley-David and Sarah-Jayne started going which is 17 years ago and you know I could do his act for him!

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