Friday, 12 December 2008

JYC - 9, 10 and 11

Finally managed to get nearly caught up (still have todays todo but to be honest I am not being inspired.
9 Traditions
........ started the page with a definition of tradition and then I will add a photo. The RHS is based on a Pagemap sketch we used in my scrapping group and there are lots of little tags tucked in their each will document on tradition. No I haven't filled them in as I am going to get the kids to write on them.
10 wrapping
........... on the LHS are three peices of cardstock wrapped in the paper that I will use for each of the kids. I have written on the RHS about buying in the sale and then each person having their own design paper - and everything - sack, stocking, tree presents and all are wrapped in the same wrapper.
PS It looks great when the parcels are stacked - and you know what it means I don't have to put labels or tags on nothing!
11 Tree
- well I love this page. The green tree is made of felt and I stitched round the edge of it all in metallic green embroidery thread. I cut out the ornaments from a photo I had taken of them and then stitched them on too. The page documents that every bauble on the front of my tree is a Disney one! I would say all but Alan has a few Scooby Doo and Loony toon ones on there and Beth has the odd Dora :O)
I love the way my book is coming together. The only downside is that since I am trying hard to use embellishements it is getting really thick and I don't think the bind it all wire will work much longer. I am going to have to take it off and use split rings. Course since I punched all the holes I might end up having to buy 11 rings.

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Janelle said...

Your book is so fun! I love the green felt tree!

I learned my lesson about embellishments the first year, when my book would hardly close, LOL. Now I try to keep it flatter, but it's hard!