Monday, 8 December 2008

days 6, 7 and 8

Page 6's prompts was Memories - good ones and bad ones. This of course sent me rambling away with pages of thoughts so the page had to be expanded. I did this by making a pocking and adding file cards in there.

"Christmas always provides the most special memories. It's one day each year when everyone concentrates on having a good time. Its family time with no external disstractions. We have had so many traditions built into our day that we can't help having fun. When the children where young we have built up our way of doing it. The new dress up outfit was our way of spreading the money. Even thought they were home made the boys loved being Captain Scarlett, Thunderbirds or Action Men and later having the football strip from their club. For Sarah we worked through Angels and Disney Princesses. Even now they still love getting a new outfit to wear on Christmas Day. For Doms it still includes a football strip or top, Sarah on the other hand prefers some thing more glamorous... ort does she. I still had to make her a Belle dress this year for a fancy dress party.

Alan and I have to help Santa set up his grotto and we usually finally wind our way to bed at 2AM. At 6AM we were worken to the sound of the children's voices ......."has he been" and the day started. Ohh what joy - We were tired but we loved it...........but hang on.......even though they are 17 and 22 we still get to bed at 2AM and woken at 6AM to voices ...." has be been" We love it. Long may they still have the joy and the pleasure that is.............Christmas..........

We were also prompted on our worst memories. While I don't have a worst one since Harley-David died there is a sadness and a lump in your throat that there are only 2 voices and not 3 asking if Santa's been. We will always miss him. I think Christmas Day is hard because it is full of family and sharing that day together. Christmas now involves trying that little bit harder as none of us want the other to see that sadness that we have that he isn't here to share the joy.
PS while you probably can't see the photos too well - I managed to find some old ones with Thunderbirds and Alice in Wonderland and then Doms as an Action Man and then finally the outfits from the year that Beth stayed here on Christmas Eve.

Day 7 - the To Do List prompt - more I focused more on shopping :O)

To Do!

I love to be organised early each year but it doesn't stop us heading out in the crowds. For us Christmas Shopping starts in the January Sales. Cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, paper plates and crackers all at half price. Other gifts depend on what's available. Topping up the 'cupboard' continues as we move through the year. So by December comes we aren't far off. I still have a to do list for those I haven't found just the thing for or the stocking stuffers. But what it means is that we have our shopping days but they aren't rushed. Like today we went to the Christmas Fayre in Durham and we were able to start with Brunch in the 'lovely' pub as Beth calls it. Stocking up with a full English is great for raising the energy levels.

-----Whats left - why all the wrapping To Do!

DAY 8 - The prompt was to look for differences and to take a picture today - which I haven't done yet. But I will as I want to take it of our house lights.

title - whats different

The credit crunch is definately making the difference. The sales have started before Christmas and they are huge! I do think that the numbers of gifts have dropped but people are still buying just differently. Lights are still on homes but the hikein electricity peices means they are not on as long. People are pulling in belts but is still christmas - just different!

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My goodness - posted before 7am! You were an early bird.

I love reading the journalling! It's all looking good Wendy - keep up the good work.