Monday, 8 December 2008

my year books

Although I have got pages 6 and 7 of JYC done I am not posting as they are photoless - a trip to Boots tomorrow were I intend to splash out on some hour developing to get all my photos printed and I will post then.

Today in answer to Bren's comment I have posted some pictures of my year books. First picture shows 2008 (blue one) and 2009 the flowered one. The first book was made at a scrap class in 2007 and then each month the theory is you add a little of what you have been doing. Its 6*6 and one page to each month and there are inserts to add extra bits. It also had lots of patterned paper already in there. Not so the new one - left the paper till we get to the month.

I am not so up todate on that one as I am on my JYC! Apart from the months we went to Disney - mmm wonder why that is! But I have added a picture of October (me in Disney) in picture 2 and picture 3 shows June (fathers day) and July - Graduation - and behind the insert picture is a tiny peak of me in Disneyland.

The top half of picture 3 is the blank pages for 2009 along with the month tag of January (I have prepared the 12 in advance - all the same). I do this along with 3 of my scrapping buddies, Susan, sister-in-law extraordinary- extra cos she is not really my SIL any longer really but we love her to bits. Amanda daughter of Susan and my neice and Rosamond sister to Susan. We all had a great debate and decided to try the 12 by 6 format. Slight miscalculation on our part and rather than the one 6*12 we have given ourselves 2 for each month if we want to use it. We will have to see how it goes. We chose different cover pages and inserts. I went for the cover pattern cos its a disney paper but not obviously disney and black cos it makes a great background to any patterned paper.

The pages aren't elaberate but its fun to see what you did each month. Next year the goal is to make sure I do it and not try to catch up in September! I have heard Shimelle runs a Scrap your Day - I think its the 25th of every month- but I would rather do something we did that month.


Colleen said...

Thanks for posting. I love this idea. One more thing to add to my project list.

Bren said...

I was thinking the same as Colleen. It is an interesting concept and something I might try - but will I keep it up all year???? Mmmm!