Monday, 15 December 2008

Finally 10 mins to get some pictures uploaded. My book definately is now a joural than a scrap book as I am not taking pictures nor leaving spaces!

13 - prompt Music. I chose not to discuss a particular song - although there are lots but how music is interweaved with Christmas:

Music be it Christmas Carols at the school play, piped music in all the local supermarkets, christmas hits on the radio or our favourite CD's in the player there's definately more music round at this time of the year. We love to dig out those CD's that only get played this time of year and sing along to our hearts content.

Santa ususally includes the latest CD's in among his presents so christmas is full of lots of different bands playing.

A special event with music is Alan heading to the kitchen to cook lunch with his treat from Santa. He holds court in there with wine and merriement as all the males in the family gravitate to the party.

12 - prompt was Christmas Past. Not knowing what might be coming I chose to talk about family get together on Christmas Day.

Family - from my early days as far back as I can remember Christmas Day has always been about family. From being little and going to my Maternal Grandparents where all my cousins could congregate. To later being at home and having my parents and my trhree brothers around me. Thats why I foudn it hard when Harley-David was tiny - Christmas morning without my family wasn't right. So from there sprung the tradition of everyone coming to our house for Christmas Morning and openign presents and having lunch. At our largest 28 for dinner. But as my brothers gained families of their own and moved away this has finally dwindled to my parents and Alan and the kids and I............ boy will it be but quiet.

14 - prompt gifts.

Gifts, gifts and more gifts. From Santa's given on Christmas Eve when he brought a lovely storybook when the children were young which progressed to a video and then a DVD. Then comes the family gifts which are placed under the tree and opened, just us, on Christmas Eve to finally waking up on christmas morning to a full stocking and at the end of our beds. And downstairs a wonderful Santa's grotto with a sack full for each of us.

NOTE: yes I am still a day behind and I had planned to catch up today but Beth was ill and I had her with me. Between coughing fits and sleeps she wanted to scrap so we ended up making her a christmas journal - photos at a later date.

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These pages are precious...I love them!