Wednesday, 24 December 2008

catching up

Ok its Christmas Eve and yes I should have more important things to do but I feel like relaxing so here I am adding pictures.

21st - obviously is still awaiting the picture but the journalling states : mmmmm... me thinks we need less scrapping or at least tidier scrapping and more christmas cleaning up.

PS the picture is my dining room table covered in scrapping bits which incidnetly is exactly the same now as it was then oppsss

20th : the prompt was about the unexpected which I slightly twisted to cover the post I have been receiving. The journalling reads:

Postman's been and in among the usual bills and circulars some wonderful cards from friends. Both far and wide with cards arriving from Australia, the US and of course from England! I did use postage stamps with some US ones and a lovely one from Australia. The LH page is actually a card I was sent which I popped in cos I really loved it.

18th Food Glorious Food - while I still have the toothache I did catch up with this page.

The journalling reads Christmas is definately all about food. From chocolate on the advent calender to the tins of sweets you have to get. There is chocolate in the stockings and maybe a selection box if you have been good from Santa. There's special meals out and buffets at work. A christmas dinner with all the trimmings and christmas cakes and christmas puds. There's mince pies and corned beef ones too. Christmas is definately..................Food Glorious Food.

The picture is a hamper that our daughter bought my husband. She spent the time buying items that she just knew he would need to cater lunch with and some that he just loves like chocolate brazils.

22nd - prompt another to do list:
Still to Do: - no matter how much work y ou do in advance no matter how many jos you do - you can never be ready you always have one more
to do list
On the other side are three tags - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a list of to do's on it. So I wrote it monday and its gone a little bit awry as I haven't been too well - darned tooth! But with Alan at home today and help from my parents yesterday i am sure we will catch up - but if we don't I am sure that a little untidyness or one less thing to eat will not spoil our christmas!
And no I haven't done the 23rd which was all about stockings not 24th which is about what you do on Christmas eve. But I will catch up - after all Santa is sure to bring me some scrapping things isn't he?????
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone

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