Saturday, 6 December 2008

Page 6 - all about counting down to Christmas and of course nothing says it better than the old advent calender. Picture is one I prepared in advance :O) and shows Doms and Sassy's full advent calenders on 1 December.
The journalling tells the story of spotting a picture of a similar calender in a magazine and making one up for the kids and then for nephews and neices etc. And how its now tradition for me to start buying the snickers and the smarties, mars bars and maltezers and all those yummy sweets in september and for Mum and Dad to wrap and add string to each of the parcels - enough for 9 advent calenders - and that is some number of sweets.
PS what i didn't mention and I may go back and do - is the tradition that now exists where Mum and Dad eat some of said sweets and have to go out and buy another packet :O)
Page 6 is on the drawing board - I am not really behind honest there are still 2 and 1/2 hours of today left. OK so I have been to crop all day and it should have been done - no excuse except I made my year book for next year...............


Colleen said...

Wendy, your advent tradition sounds fun. You are so creative. i wish I would take the time to do 1/2 the stuff that you do. I would love to see pictures of your yearbook for next year, when you get a chance.

CarolV32904 said...

Wendy, you continue to amaze me. You're never ending energy and willingness to do everything "by hand". Your children/grandchildren and family are so very lucky to have such love poured in to each thing you do.

I love my family but I'm quick to run to the store to buy things... like and advent calendar! LOL!

I love this blog and seeing your pages each day! YOU ROCK GIRL! Keep up the good work!


Bren said...

Next year's year book?????